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Mindville: A Brand for the Future

We have exciting news to share as we start a new chapter

Back in 2005, I founded the company known as Riada. For 15 years, that company has provided professional services, often with Atlassian tools, as a fundamental ingredient in its offerings.

Riada became the first Atlassian Platinum Partner in Sweden and it’s now a leading service provider in the Nordics. In 2013, my co-founder Mathias Edblom and I started our product business under the company name Riada Development. As we explored the product opportunity, we didn’t really think about separating the branding. We simply jumped into that world as Riada.

For six years, the two companies have grown side-by-side like best friends. The product business has learned a lot from the service business and vice versa. But the fact remains that they’ve always been two separate companies, with separate missions and visions.

It’s time to give the product business its own brand

Riada Development has created one of the strongest platforms available on Atlassian Marketplace with 14 Insight products. They’re currently used by over 2,400 organizations in more than 90 countries.

It’s been challenging for vendors, customers, partners, and other stakeholders to differentiate the two companies. It’s also been somewhat tricky to separate those values and identities internally.

So as of today, the product business is getting its own brand: Mindville.

What’s changing now that Riada Development is Mindville?

If you check out this new website, you’ll notice new logos, colors, and fonts alongside the new company name.




We also took the opportunity to refresh the product icons, take a look at the Marketplace listings to explore the new look.

It’s a look and feel that further distinguishes Insight as one of the most popular asset management solutions in the Atlassian Marketplace. It also allows us to focus on the enormous opportunities that lie ahead for the Insight product suite.

For more information about our new visual elements, check out our brand guidelines.

Mindville customers should also be aware that we have updated the Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement (EULA) effective 09 December 2019. We encourage you to read both documents in full. If you have any questions, please contact us as described in our Privacy Policy.

Continued use of Mindville products on or after the date will represent acceptance of these updates. The legal documents can be found here.

Why the name Mindville?

As we discussed names for the product business, we looked into who we are and where we see ourselves in the future. We like to think that people join us to evolve and challenge their minds.

We also see that the community around us is growing amazingly. Together with more than 100 partners and 2,400 customers, we’re becoming an ecosystem of our own, and we really love the power of an organically growing community around our products.

So with these reflections (and many more), we landed with the name Mindville.

What’s happening to Riada as a brand?

Riada, as a brand, isn’t going away either. In fact, the professional services business is stronger and bigger than ever with a staff close to 50 and over 200+ active customers in the Nordics.

The consulting side of what we do, will still reside under the Riada AB name. However, in order to streamline our operations, we felt it was the right time to give Insight its own living space, instead of just a slightly bigger room in the same house it grew up in.

Even after this brand-split, Riada and Mindville are still best friends, just with separate brands.

We hope you join us in this exciting new chapter for Insight and our team of amazing, innovative professionals.

Tommy Nordahl
CEO and co-founder


Originally published Dec 9, 2019 10:22:15 AM

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