Insight is now integrated into Jira Service Management Data Center!

INSIGHT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Track And Manage Any Assets With Insight

Insight is more than just asset management. It is a universal documentation and mapping tool suitable for absolutely any subject. Store, document and connect all of your assets with this one easy-to-use tool.

Your Single Source of Truth

Insight gives you a place to store and share information about all of your assets. Share information with others to make sure that the right people have all of the information they need to respond to any internal or external request.

IT Service Management

Use Insight with Jira to pinpoint the locations of your assets and get up-to-date usage details to clear tickets with greater speed. 

You’ll get the tools you need to ensure that all of your IT-related assets are maintained properly, and, in the case of licensing, renewed in accordance with your business’ requirements. 

Insight helps you reduce risk, improve performance, and decrease downtime, saving your business time and money.

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Software Asset Management

Reduce your overhead costs by employing automated processes and reports that ensure you know everything you need to know about your software deployments for top efficiency. 

You’ll be able to do more with less by showing support teams how your software is connected to other assets, allowing you to spot and solve problems faster than ever before. 

Easy reporting gives you information on how your goals align with your business, so that you can be more agile, and more productive.

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Hardware Asset Management

Maximize your hardware asset utilization with the best platform to manage your infrastructure.

Take advantage of a complete CMDB that allows you to accelerate resource management with accuracy by giving staff the complete picture when responding to requests. 

Use Insight’s powerful automation processes to solve problems before they happen, and get an accurate look at budgetary requirements, savings, and overall expenditures.

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Facility Management

Extend the life of your assets, manage budgets, and perform more tasks with fewer resources.

You’ll allow people to submit detailed requests that pinpoint the exact location and service history of any asset, saving tons of time and effort. 

Track warranty expiration dates of assets to accurately schedule maintenance, and add QR codes to assets and get a complete maintenance and warranty history on any mobile device.

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Human Resources

Save valuable time by eliminating time-consuming manual activities like onboarding and offboarding. 

Automation with Insight and Jira helps ensure employees have all they need on day one, including hardware, software, and security accounts. 

HR staff get instant access to accurate and up-to-date information that can be used for planning and reporting purposes. You can also integrate Insight with other HR-related platforms, such as payroll systems.

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