Insight is now integrated into Jira Service Management Data Center!

INSIGHT DISCOVERY Enterprise Network Scanning

Create an accurate, singular view of your IT infrastructure. Search for and identify all IP‑enabled configuration items (CIs) and map dependencies.

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Total infrastructure visibility

Insight Discovery provides network scanning of IP-enabled hosts and devices (Configuration Items or CI's). It identifies hosts and devices on your network and the installed software per scanned entity. 

Insight Discovery also maps hierarchical dependencies and assigns the appropriate relationship type between CIs.

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Agentfree scanning

Insight Discovery uses the SSH, WMI and SNMP protocols to connect to network hosts and devices. Powershell is also supported.

Agentless discovery avoids the management complexity of permanent software installed on discoverable hosts and devices.

Use the prepared Windows agent to avoid opening up inbound WMI Ports and the Dynamic DCOM Ports.

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DISCOVERY-Agentfree- scanning

Scanning patterns

Insight Discovery comes packed with a set of pre-configured patterns that finds the usual suspects like Windows, Powershell, Linux, Mac, AIX and vSphere ESXi.

Download more unusual patterns from our online library. To manage special hosts and devices in your network, create your own patterns by using well documented instructions.

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Secure and scalable network discovery

Insight Discovery supports scanning of multiple secure networks. It consolidates scanned data into a single import file that populates the Insight CMDB - with preserved references.

All network traffic is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption algorithm.

Easily design scanning patterns to discover the more unusual hosts and devices.

Empower Jira with infrastructure intel

Empower Jira with infrastructure intel

Insight is the only enterprise CMDB deeply integrated with Jira. By using Insight Discovery to populate the Insight CMDB with  infrastructure CI's, you can easily report tickets and issues related to your infrastructure.

Jira is then equipped with all the infrastructure intelligence you need.

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