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K15t Software GmbH Mindville Partner Profile — Consultant

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Let's introduce you to K15t Software GmbH

About K15t Software GmbH

Over 5000 organizations worldwide rely on solutions from K15t to better manage their content and documentation in Confluence, and to collaborate on projects across borders with JIRA.
The Scroll Apps enable teams to author, manage, and deliver documentation and technical content while leveraging all of the collaborative muscle of Confluence. It makes documentation an agile process that keeps pace with development and fast-changing products and services.
Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA empowers teams to collaborate on projects across departmental or B2B borders with fine-grained mapping control and enterprise-proven reliability. It's a powerful new way of working: Jira without borders.
Founded in 2009 by Stefan Kleineikenscheidt and Tobias Anstett, K15t is a respected Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. In addition to their suite of best-selling apps, K15t helps clients run Atlassian products for well over 300,000 users around the world. K15t powers painless content and project collaboration.