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Praecipio Brews Asset Management Solution for World’s Largest Beer Company


Praecipio Consulting is an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner and we have a long history with the Atlassian stack; however, we have a strong focus in IT Service Management (ITSM). 

We built our reputation early on as a company that would use Jira for a variety of different non-software development and non-traditional projects for Atlassian. We first got involved with Jira Service Desk when it was code name Viewport. As early as 2007, we leveraged Jira to implement service desk solutions. We helped a mid-size electric company that processed transactions for Texas electricity retailers to implement Jira as a service desk, incident management, change management and problem management are three unique disciplines. Jira Service Desk has been a fast-growing product, and we are pleased to see it as a leading service desk solution.

Praecipio Consulting has approximately 40 employees. Most of our employees are in Austin, with some folks in Houston, Indianapolis, Vermont, Mexico, and Atlanta. Our business is on a nice trajectory; managed services is growing and now approximately 30 percent of our services business, implementation services make up 60 percent, and training around 10 percent.

Praecipio Team

Our work can be characterized as consultative, focused on helping organizations move towards value-adding motions vs reactive leveraging the Atlassian product suite. We come from a family business history in manufacturing and quality has always been our focus, and our reputation reflects this. We've incorporated best practices from a number of different disciplines, industries, and companies we've worked with over the years.

Similar to Riada we have clients in every industry, segment, and size that's out there. We have a strong presence with several top retailers of the U.S., especially grocers, as well as the life sciences (parts, devices, software) and the automotive industry.

Customer Engagement Highlight

One customer engagement we would like to highlight is our work with the world’s largest brewing company, which has operations in over 50 countries. They were seeking a replacement of HP Service Center, a tool with highly customized code that they had been in use for the better part of 13 years. They needed a replacement that would have flexibility to incorporate some of their old highly customized functions, and simultaneously avoid going down a similar custom code path. They had limited exposure to Jira; a small single server implementation for a small IT team. A replacement of HP Service Center would affect IT world-wide, including 700 agents inclusive of IT and the business, and potentially a brand-new install of data center. In this case they needed a configuration management database (CMDB) solution and a replacement of their current configuration management tool. That's where Riada came in.

The initial draw to Insight was to meet a specific need around typical CMDB functionality, which it handles so well even at scale. Our customer has loaded well over one million Configuration Items and continues to grow. In addition to the typical CMDB use case, we have been consistently impressed by the ability to use Insight to model complex data structures without any coding needed.

How has Riada impacted your business?

Through the years, we have found that more and more customers need a solution for assets and change management. We think Insight provides a great CMDB solution, and by closing this capability gap in Jira Service Desk that would otherwise rule out Jira Service Desk as a viable product or solution for some companies in the ITSM space.

During the engagement, we identified performance issues; however, more research was needed to identify the core issue. Riada had the dedication to collaborate with us after hours, and in true partnership style we worked together to find the root cause of the issues. This gained confidence with the customer, knowing we have such a key partner relationship with Riada and Atlassian to bring the solution to fruition.

For Praecipio Consulting and Riada, this was one of the largest implementations to date. Scaling to handle over one million assets is critical for large enterprises.

The biggest takeaways from this project for us, is the true symbiotic nature of our relationship that really allows our teams to push the product to its limits. Keeping in constant communication with Riada allowed our teams to collectively make improvements to the product during the implementation, making sure the project was successful.

Originally published Aug 28, 2018 12:26:21 PM

Late 2019, we did a brand split. Mindville is the company behind the Insight products. Riada provides expert consultancy services on all things Atlassian. Riada can be found at Mindville is an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor and Riada is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.