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How bit2bit and Insight Drive Success for a Global Oil & Gas Company

We sat down with Erich Sowell, VP Business Development and partner at bit2bit Americas to talk to him about bit2bit Americas success on solving a business challenge with Insight asset management.

About bit2bit Americas

bit2bit Americas was founded in 2011 in Peru on the vision of transforming teams with technology. Having experienced 60 – 70% growth (year on year) and 31 employees, we have become an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. We provide services and support in both English and in Spanish and serve existing customers in 22 countries. Core focus is Financial, Banking and Insurance sectors. Our offerings include software licensing, development services, implementation, best practice consulting and support. We have been an active Riada partner since 2012.

bit2bit team

bit2bit Americas targets mid size and Fortune 500 accounts across Latin American and has achieved impressive growth in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica and Panama. Our strength and focus is on solution selling:  ITSM, DevOps and Agile software development. We have extended our Atlassian practice to include our mobile application for Jira Service Desk(CuPo) available on the Atlassian Marketplace. We also partner with Amazon Web Services, Docker, and Sonar to complete its solutions approach.

Customer Engagement Highlight

A large oil and gas industry company, global 100 with operations in 25 countries. The Research and development department within the global team is the primary stakeholder. Their mission is focused on innovative ideas to advance existing products, identifying new products, and improving margins and productivity using Jira to manage their projects. The project focused on project management, finding a solution that teams across the globe could work together and collaborate on a R&D projects. Goal was to replace an in-house developed solution that was no longer meeting their requirements. In the process the team evaluated solutions from HP, IBM, and Atlassian.

Customer contracted with bit2bit Americas for a six-month fully paid POC, which included 250 users in 27 global departments participating in the POC.  We brought in Insight as the proposed Jira CMDB solution for their customer product catalog – 3000 different objects with different dimensions for piping, tubing, coils, etc.  The POC set to prove out capabilities of Insight to map hierarchy and attributes for all objects and then integrate successfully into Jira.

bit2bit Americas delivered on-time and on-budget a successful POC with customer choosing Insight as its core CMDB. This led to the customer decision to expand project globally to a full-fledged implementation, quadrupling the POC budget. With 3-4 consultants and over 5000 consulting hours billed, this has been a tremendous development and services customer engagement for us.

How has Riada impacted bit2bit Americas Business

Two years ago when the ITSM within Jira movement started happening within Atlassian, bit2bit Americas started with Insight for our own CRM needs; internal mapping of our assets. Use then extended to mapping our key consultants- verifications and certification levels. In the past, we always mapped service catalogues as separate Jira projects and then integrated. We changed and now leverage Insight for all service catalogue use-cases in addition to being a core application integrated with most if not all ITSM and Jira Service Desk customer engagements.

The relationship with Riada comes down to great people that understand our business and help us sell and position Insight to drive our core business which is consulting services revenue. Riada works hard to make partners succeed from Sandra managing the partner programs to Tommy and Mathias and the dev teams that have supported us through challenging customer requests. We are excited and look forward to growing our business together with Riada.

Originally published Aug 15, 2018 7:32:44 AM

Late 2019, we did a brand split. Mindville is the company behind the Insight products. Riada provides expert consultancy services on all things Atlassian. Riada can be found at Mindville is an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor and Riada is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.