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Introducing User-Based Pricing for Insight Discovery

Insight Discovery has been a part of the Insight platform since May 2016. Back then, we decided to base the pricing and licensing on number of hosts you can import into Insight. That decision forced us to create a quote and purchasing system outside of Atlassian Marketplace since all licenses sold via Marketplace must be based on number of Jira users.

During Atlassian Summit early September 2018, the new DataCenter Approved Apps program was officially announced by Atlassian. For Insight Discovery to be included in this program, we had to switch to user based pricing and sell it through Atlassian Marketplace.

So we have decided to switch from host-based pricing to Jira user-based pricing.

It might feel odd to base a network discovery licence based on number of Jira users instead of scanned hosts and it was not an easy decision for us.

New prices

The new prices for Insight Discovery can be found on the Insight Discovery marketplace listing and in the product documentation. This change in licensing for Insight Discovery is effective immediately.

Existing active licenses

Customers running an active license based on number of hosts can continue running that license until it expires. It's also possible to upgrade to later versions of the product without any additional payment (see documentation). After the expiration date, a new license can be acquired from the Atlassian Marketplace according to the prices published there. 

Upgrade needed

In order to run the new Jira user-based license for Insight Discovery, you need to upgrade to version 2.9. Trying to use a user-based license in an earlier version of Insight Discovery will return in an error message.

Active license quotes

All host based license quotes generated on or before 12 September 2018 will be honoured, no extension of quote due dates will be made. No host based quotes will be generated on or after 13 September 2018.

Insight Discovery licenses are now available for purchase at Atlassian Marketplace where the Atlassian Marketplace terms apply.

Have questions?

We understand that this change is a surprise for our existing customers and we want to make sure you get an easy transition. Feel free to reach out to us and we will assist you.

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Originally published Feb 10, 2020 2:39:21 PM