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Partner Success Story | 4 MIN READ

How Insight Slashed MTTR for an Electrical Industry Giant

META-INF recently implemented a change management solution for a large company in the electrical industry in Hungary. The solution included Jira and Insight asset management, where Insight played an important role in shortening the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), by having references to the Insight assets  that need to be changed and the asset’s details.

Customer Engagement Highlight

The customer is a large company in Hungary in the electrical industry, providing electricity to thousands of homes in Hungary. The company started its digital transformation about 2 years ago and selected the Atlassian product stack for knowledge management, task management, test management, service and change management.

Insight played an important role during the implementation of a new change management process in Jira.

The Solution

The solution was to implement 3 types of changes:

  • Immediate change, for sudden and unexpected changes that they need to react to as soon as possible.
  • Normal change, for planned changes.
  • Change with post documentation, for changes similar to the immediate change but require documentation.

In Insight, we created a CMDB to manage all the assets (CIs) that could potentially be related to any kind of change within the company. We made sure to add all relevant information in the database, such as business owners, system administrators, deputy approver, other approvers etc.

All change requests go through a 6 stages workflow, and in 3 of them we are using Insight custom fields to reference the CIs in Insight.

  1. In the preparation stage, the user needs to select the CI that will be affected by the change.
  2. In the first approval stage, the change request is linked to the approvers.
  3. In the second approval stage, the CAB board needs to approve the change.

In addition to the Insight references, there are also some condition to ensure that only approvers can approve the change request, and post-functions that trigger emails to be sent to the appropriate people in different stages of the workflow. For example, when the CAB board needs to review the change request, an email with a meeting agenda is sent to all CAB board members.

After the Change Management process went live, people are very happy and immediately saw the value of having all changes documented, traceable and thoroughly managed. Since the solution was launched, there is an average of 83 change requests raised every month.

Having the references to the assets in Insight, speeds up the process, as they have an easy and direct link to the assets that are being changed, and can easily look up the key stakeholders for each asset.

There are about 100 assets stored in Insight today, but we expect to see that number grow in the following months.

META-INF had 4-5 consultants working on this project, and 2 of them focused on the change management process.

Why Insight?

Service management, ITSM and customer service are all hot topics in Hungary these days. The main characteristics are always the same, they include request types like incidents, orders and service requests, that all have to be solved as soon as possible. If you work with services in Jira, Insight is a must have app for such a solution to manage assets.

If you want to shorten the mean time to resolution (MTTR), mean time to diagnose (MTTD), Insight plays an important role.

Because of Insight’s flexibility, we don’t only offer it as a CMDB solution. We also offer it as a solution to manage HR teams as an example. It works for all sizes and use cases.

When implementing the solution, our strategy is to work Agile. We prefer to do something quick and easy and release it in the implementation phase, so customers can see the value early in the process. Then we gradually add to the solution and adapt it based on the customer feedback and needs.

Relationship with Riada

META-INF joined the Riada partner program in October 2016. Since then, we have implemented a learning strategy within our company, making sure that at least 2 of our consultants have expert knowledge of the Insight platform. The learning strategy consists of a learning path that the employees have to go through, where we have useful links to Insight material.

We love working with Riada. We always get fast responses from the support team, and they are very supportive.

Even though we are mainly marketing Insight for Service Management, we know that Insight can be used for almost anything, so that’s always in the back of our heads when we are faced with a new customer challenge.


META-INF was founded in Hungary in 2007 by Tibor Hegyi. In the beginning META-INF’s customer services were all reactive, supporting customers that reached out to them.

About 5 years ago, the company shifted gears, and started to expand and be more proactive. They started to organize meetups, conferences and created a youtube channel, all with the goal of spreading the Atlassian word in Hungary. They also translated a number of blog posts in Hungarian, to reach the market in their local language.

During this journey META-INF has grown from being only 3 employees up to 13 employees, plus having 2 strategic partners that they work with very closely.

META-INF has a lot of customers in the financial and telecommunication industry, but they also like to work with companies of any sizes and from any industry. Working with small companies can be very rewarding, because you see the value and impact your work has on the business in matter of days.

META-INF are both service solution partners, as well as app vendors. As solution partners, they provide services like, reselling of Atlassian licenses, consultancy and training. Consultancy and training include ITSM, Agile Project Management, Jira administration, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Development tools and more.

As app vendors, they offer six apps on Atlassian’s Marketplace, both for Jira and Confluence. All together with around 5 million users worldwide.

Learn more about META-INF.


Originally published Nov 30, 2018 4:41:07 AM