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Partner Success Story | 4 MIN READ

How to Speed Up Issue Resolution with Insight Asset Management in Jira

Nimaworks has been working with a large organization in the finance industry in Greece to implement ITSM processes for incident and problem management in Jira and Insight. The project has brought great value to the organization, as the process is now clear, all assets and asset relationships are now visible which leads to requests being resolved faster.

One of the vital parts of ITSM is the company’s CMDB and it's relations to the company organizational structure. That’s where Insight, the asset management solution for Jira, is an important part of the puzzle.

We recently sat down with Effie to hear about the details of what made this project a success.

Customer Engagement Highlight

The organization was using Jira Software from Atlassian for various projects across the company, and their challenge was to implement processes for incident and problem management. They had been using BMC, where all their assets where stored, but they had not implemented any processes.

Nimaworks recommended to implement the incident and problem management processes in Jira and use Insight as a CMDB.

Insight and BMC Integration

The biggest challenge was to integrate BMC with Insight, so we could get all the assets into Insight and map the relationships between the assets.

When we started the project, Insight did not have the database integration available. We contacted Riada for assistance, and it was a really nice surprise to learn that they were planning to build a database integration that would help us solve this challenge.

We worked closely with Mathias Edblom at Riada preparing the BMC database to work with the database integration. When the database integration was released, we had all the queries prepared and everything worked smoothly.

The solution

In the final solution, we used Insight to manage both IT assets and the organizational structure.

The organization is managing all hardware, over 350 applications, and around 12.000 employees in Insight.

Insight is the key in improving the MTTR for incidents

We added Insight custom fields on the request screens, so when an incident request is raised, users can select the related asset which speeds up the mean time to resolution.

Automate your processes by adding your organization structure in Insight

We also incorporated the organizational structure into the processes, so that the right people are notified when their attention or approval is needed. For example, if a request needs an approval, we reference the organizational scheme to find the reporter’s manager, to pull him into the process of approving the request.

The business value and next steps

The project was a big success, both for Nimaworks and the organization. This is the first time that the organization has this visibility of their assets and everyone sees the value that Jira and Insight has brought to them. Managers and other employees that are using Jira and Insight on a daily basis are really happy with the solution and they finally have an overview of their assets and reports, and traceability. For example, they can look up an application, what server it’s hosted on, what problems or incidents have been raised related to the application and so on.

The automation is also very important to them. The organizational structure is updated automatically and that reflects on other automations in the Jira workflows, where approvers and reviewers are automatically added to requests.

Having the assets and organizational structure in Insight is the first step in the bigger picture. The project’s scope was incident and problem management for the organization in Greece, but we want to invest more in Jira and Insight, and expand the usage to other use cases and subsidiaries.

How has Riada impacted Nimaworks business?

We realize how powerful Insight is, and that it’s not only for the typical IT asset management. From our experience, not everyone understands how far they can go in using Insight, with adding the organizational structure.

We have invested time in understanding the full capabilities of Insight, and after this project we have expertise in building an organizational structure in Insight and integrating with BMC.

Insight is a very well defined product and the Riada team is very open and helpful, which is really important to us. In the use case mentioned above, it was a huge part of our success, how open Riada was about their database integration roadmap.

Having the opportunity to involve Riada in the pre-sales process is very important to us, in order to assure the customer that Insight is a good product with a roadmap and qualified people supporting it. It gives the customer the confidence he needs for the final purchase decision.

So, why become Riada partners?

There was no other choice than becoming Riada partners, as we use Insight for everything, and suggest it as a solution wherever we see a fit. Being a Riada partner and using Insight completes the whole picture for ITSM. Whatever the structure, you can use Insight.

About Nimaworks

Nimaworks was founded in 2009 in Greece and they have been Atlassian partner since 2013. They have over 10 years of enterprise experience in managing and implementing Atlassian products for big organizations. Having worked extensively in Service Management related projects, implementing ITSM and IT processes, Nimaworks engineers hold both business and technical understanding. Nimaworks targets the efficient and total fulfillment of the customer’s requirements, and for this reason great emphasis is given on the proper use of appropriate design methodologies, management, and implementation, including custom development of Atlassian Add-Ons.

Nimaworks is an Atlassian Gold Solution partner and has 17 employees. Their goal is to get upgraded to the Platinum level, and become Atlassian Enterprise Solution partners.

Learn more about Nimaworks.

Originally published Dec 19, 2018 7:00:02 AM