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How to Achieve ESM Success With Flexible Automation: IID 2019 Recap

At the 2019 edition of Insight Innovations Days (IID), SMEs and enterprises from diverse sectors shared some of the ways in which they redefined their Enterprise Service Management (ESM) practices with Insight Asset Management and Jira.

Jump to the main takeaways:

 Build Transparent Enterprise Reports
 Import and Populate Data Structures
 Achieve ITSM Uniformity
 Streamline Asset Management
 Give Employees Real-Time Information
 Optimize Issue Tracking
 Eliminate Legacy System Limitations
 Launch Your ITSM and Build Reports in Seconds


The first event of its kind, IID treated attendees to:

  • Exclusive hands-on product training sessions led by Insight creators
  • Real-life examples of how Insight is driving organizational growth and success for some of the world’s most respected brands
  • The chance to network and exchange stories with other app users (the gorgeous Stockholm setting wasn’t too bad either)

The event was also the chance to announce the release of our new Templates and Reporting features, which empower you to launch your ITSM and build reports in seconds. For more details, read all about Insight v8 on our blog!


Build Transparent Enterprise Reports in Confluence

With solutions for both technical IT teams as well as HR and marketing professionals, New Verve Consulting needed software that would help increase their internal efficiency and, in turn, allow their team to better serve their customers.


Abstract - New Verve Consulting helps small-medium businesses (SMB) and small-medium enterprises (SME) with training, hosting, implementation and support related to their Atlassian toolset. They use Insight for managing physical or virtual assets in those predefined ecosystems.

Prior to Insight, New Verve’s service ticket approval process was plagued by confusing ownership webs and oversight issues, CMDBs that needed to be manually updated and burdened staff members, and sluggish deployment timelines had led to ballooning costs.

At the heart of all these problems was this question: How do you institute a system that would help their team members automate their virtual hosting needs? All roads to a sustainable solution led to New Verve implementing Insight. 

The building blocks that helped them achieve their ultimate goal included:

  • A one-click Jira Service Desk approval workflow that could be done through the platform’s portal or email
  • Insight AWS integration for streamlined asset discovery and management within Jira (even for remote objects)
  • An improved internal lifecycle management structure that utilizes provisioning triggers and custom deployment orchestration

Better internal efficiency allowed New Verve to reduce their ticket provisioning time from hours down to mere minutes, while also lowering runaway costs by 83%.



Import and Populate Data Structures Using Asset Hierarchies

Nordic Entertainment Group’s journey with Insight began when they were looking for a solution that could produce financial reports based on specific hierarchies and gave them the ability to display those hierarchies in Confluence, making them visible to all employees.


Abstract - Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) is the Nordic region’s premier entertainment provider, with an impressive collection of platforms, brands, content and talented personnel under their company’s umbrella. 

After establishing their initial reporting and operational goals, NENT discovered that they could accomplish what they need to with Insight and a single Jira ecosystem, without custom-building a solution from scratch. 

According to the company’s internal scoring system, Insight also beat Microsoft’s master data options in areas including security and validation, automation, integration, and data publishing.

Using their existing Jira environment as the foundation, NENT used Insight to:

  • Create various object types and attributes within different Insight schemas
  • Easily populate asset and attribute data using the Import function
  • Implemented approvals and post functions as part of their Jira Service Desk workflow, which allowed for objects additions or changes to be reflected in Confluence automatically.

Throughout this four-year process, NENT learned the true power of Insight. It gave them the ability to store their master data securely, seamlessly keep track of changes, make their data available in a user-friendly way, automate workflows, decentralize data maintenance, and enhance their reporting by combining various data types.



Achieve ITSM Uniformity Through Structured Data

Since digital transformation in the world of banking is a complex, challenging process, Eurobank came up with a strategic initiative that would help improve service quality by unifying their IT ecosystem.


Abstract - Nimaworks, one of Europe’s foremost authorities on Atlassian and IT Service Management, shared a success story on behalf of one of their clients, Eurobank.

The financial institution has over 13,000 employees and € 58B in assets, with offices in Greece, Luxemburg, the UK, and more. Their roadmap to achieving ITSM maturity was a long one, with five phases spread out over nearly 10 years.

First, they needed to establish an ITSM operating model and obtain ISO certification. After that, shaping service management, implementing optimized tools and an Agile framework, and automating various processes were on the docket.

This meant reducing their time to resolution, increasing service level transparency, boosting asset visibility and promoting enhanced situational awareness.

The benefits of structuring their organization’s assets and service ticket workflow in Jira by using Insight included:

  • An improved customer experience
  • Better organizational efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced operational and object transparency
  • A more effective approach to their ITSM practice

Since implementing Insight as part of their Jira landscape, Eurobank raised their overall service availability to 99.87%, while also reducing their global IT Services Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) to 16 minutes.


Streamline Asset Management to Promote Growth in Jira Service Desk

Before you can build a solid asset foundation that will promote future growth and scalability through asset management, you need to establish a start-to-finish process that fits your long-term ITSM vision.


Abstract - VMWare is well-known in the software community, having served customers worldwide for over 20 years. Recently, they've prioritized becoming one of the largest private service providers in areas like private cloud, network and security, and more.

With that change in approach came the decision to move half a decade’s worth of already-built functionalities in ServiceNow over to Jira Service Desk. Reasons for the switch included:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of adoption
  • Empowering their R&D teams to deliver and operate world-class services

With a small team up against a tight deadline, VMWare managed to accomplish what was thought to be a near-impossible task.

For a full breakdown of how Insight changed their organization for the better, check out our full blog post about their success story now!



Introduce Automation to Give Employees Real-Time Information

Prior to integrating Insight into their Jira environment, many Mediagrif team members were relying on spreadsheets and emails to communicate time-sensitive information between different cities and timezones. This resulted in lots of time and effort wasted on manually sorting through data.


Abstract - Mediagrif provides consumer, enterprise and e-procurement solutions to clients all over the world, with offices in Montreal, Atlanta, and China. They take pride in creating value for not just their customers, but their employees and stakeholders as well.

Over time, the company started noticing weaknesses in their workflows. These included a bloated product catalogue filled with redundant tools, useless software subscriptions that were auto-renewed, and issues with audits and access management.

Once they settled on Insight and Jira environment as their environment, they pinpointed some specific efficiency goals they wanted to achieve.

This started with building a centralized product catalogue that clearly visualized all their assets. From there, next steps included setting up a transparent automated renewals system and improving access management across all objects and issues.

By centralizing their internal product inventory in Jira with Insight, Mediagrif was able to:

  • Pare down the number of digital tools used by employees, allowing them to easily manage every aspect of a project’s lifecycle.
  • Introduce automation to help avoid paying for software renewals they don’t need
  • Give employees access to accurate, real-time information when and where they need to.

After making these changes, Mediagrif was able to save over $120,000 in just six months. That amount, coupled with the time saved internally and the team’s ability to take on more projects, have set the global company up for even greater success in both the short and long-term.



Optimize Issue Tracking to Improve Data Accuracy

Scientists and engineers from over 100 institutes are collaborating to construct this research facility, which means having a suite of reliable, high-performance collaboration tools is crucial to the project’s success.


Abstract - The European Spallation Source (ESS) is based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. The advanced research facility features an incredibly potent linear proton accelerator, a suite of laboratories, and a supercomputing data management and software development center.

ESS uses Atlassian tools, including Insight, to streamline its asset management process and empower gifted individuals to push for scientific breakthroughs. Some highlights include:

  • Making collaboration easier through their Confluence intranet, which welcomes 2,500 team members to edit or comment in over 570 spaces and 200,000 pages
  • Optimize the issue tracking for hundreds of ongoing development projects
  • Improve data accuracy and visibility through various Insight implementations

With a well-formulated CMDB structure, ESS was able to map out all of their digital assets and keep track of every tool in their arsenal. Customizable fields and automated practices surrounding their service tickets have also minimized response lag time and boosted overall productivity.

ESS said that it was very easy to get started with the platform, as well as train different collaborators on how to use the interface. With clear planning and decision-making, they’ve established a well-oiled service management practice that brings them widespread project efficiency.



Say Goodbye to Legacy System Limitations with a New CMDB

Two different companies benefited greatly from drawing on a single source of truth for all their Jira metadata, as well as the ability to build automation on top of Insight to streamline their Jira environment even more.


Abstract - Steven Cocks, an independent IT consultant, used his session at IID to speak about how two organizations, Videobet and Swedbank, leveraged Insight in an effort to move away from outdated process and legacy systems.

Videobet, a start-up with a history of employee turnover and struggles to generate revenue, needed to standardize their development, deployment and testing systems, all while levelling up from their aging, expensive tool stack.

They overcame these challenges by using Insight to:

  • Construct a new and improved CMDB, one that brought together external system imports and other decentralized digital assets together
  • Increase customizability and flexibility when it came to adding or changing asset information
  • Rid themselves of performance limitations linked to those legacy software options. 

Swedbank had a different set of goals that revolved around implementing Insight. They needed to ensure a smooth rollout of Agile methodology, CICD, and a new testing strategy for over 850 scrum teams.

That journey also started with developing a CMDB in Jira for their team processes. Being able to populate it with data from other systems was a huge plus for Swedebank, as it facilitated the centralization of all their workflows in Jira and subsequent employee training.

NEW FEATURES: Launch Your ITSM and Build Reports in Seconds

Insight has become the app of choice for businesses who are looking to do asset and service management in Jira. During the event keynote, our founders shared powerful new features that will take Insight to the next level.

After big updates to the Insight platform were unveiled at IID, the buzz surrounding the powerful enhancements that the app brings to Jira has never been louder.

With new features including Templates and Reporting, it's the perfect time to discover what the Insight app can do for you. Working in tandem with your Jira environment, Insight delivers:

  • Flexibility and customizability to tailor accessibility, workflows and collaboration possibilities to your organization's needs
  • Powerful automation that eliminates the burden of manual data manipulation from your team’s day-to-day
  • A set of scalable digital tools that prioritize the optimization of your Jira processes and long-term organizational growth

To see the product in action or to get started with your free trial today, click below!

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Originally published May 29, 2019 11:40:00 AM